Aki Rintala wins best poster pitch award

Aki Rintala, a PhD student at KU Leuven, received the best poster pitch award for his three minute presentation on ‘Compliance in studies using the experience sampling method (ESM)’ at the RADAR-CNS annual meeting in Prague last week.

ESM is an electronic diary, which asks participants to fill in diary entries for several times within a day and across consecutive days. Its purpose is to monitor daily life experiences such as mood, social interactions, and activity in participants’ natural environment.

Aki explains, ‘Momentary diaries such as ESM might help clinicians, researchers, and participants to recognize and understand daily life behavioural and emotional states. Results showed overall acceptable compliance (78%) for a diary that asked participants to fill in maximum of 10 daily diary entries for 4- to 6 days.’

He adds, “These findings are promising for RADAR-CNS project, because we are using a diary scheme of 9 daily entries across 6 days through a smartphone application. We are stepping into a very interesting time period in the project to get insight on the feasibility of monitoring daily life experiences through such electronic diaries. To my knowledge, RADAR-CNS is one of the first projects to investigate this prospectively across three clinical disease conditions of MDD, MS, and epilepsy.“

“The poster pitch session was very interesting, fun, and good learning experience for PhD students. It gave us a nice opportunity to improve our presentation skills, and moreover, have fun time!”

Aki is a part of the clinical harmonisation work package (3).

Image: Aki Rintala at the RADAR-CNS annual meeting in Prague