Welcome to the fifth issue of our e-newsletter

We are writing to you with the latest news from the RADAR-CNS (Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse – Central Nervous System) programme.

Our mid-term review by the Innovative Medicine’s Initiative (IMI) in May was very positive, with encouraging feedback about results generated so far and their potential impact, as well as on our activity to disseminate these. We have one new deliverable following the review, which will result in more information about our aims, methods, conclusions and lessons learned so far being available in an easy-to-digest format on our website. We’re also pleased to announce that, as an additional outcome of the review by IMI, we have been granted a one-year extension, meaning the project will now complete in 2022 instead of in 2021. This is in recognition of the huge amount of data we need to process in the time remaining, particularly in light of some unexpected delays in the clinical trials. This extension will be invaluable in ensuring we can get the best quality data possible.

The autumn saw a particular focus on public engagement, with our researchers taking our ideas, methods and platforms to a number of exhibitions and events designed to bring the world of science to the public. Showcasing our work to the public – and gathering their views and perspectives – is so important for a study like ours. 
Participant recruitment is still going strong, and is nearly complete for the Multiple Sclerosis study, while the Major Depressive Disorder study is well over two thirds of the way there. Huge thanks go to everyone who were involved in these efforts!
You’ll receive our next newsletter in June 2020. In the meantime, you can find regular news updates at www.radar-cns.org, as well as our latest research papers and publications.
Until next time!
Matthew Hotopf, King's College London
Vaibhav Narayan, Janssen Pharmaceutica NV
RADAR-CNS Project Co-Leads