27 July 2020

An interview with Dr Nick Cummins on changing careers, monitoring possible changes in speech, and artificial intelligence research

13 July 2020

Dr Gloria Dalla Costa our MS study co-ordinator on combining clinical practice and research and life in Milan during the pandemic

Dr Gloria Dalla Costa is a neurologist and researcher at San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, Italy....

08 July 2020

An interview with Nivethika Mahasivam on working collaboratively to create RADAR-Base, overcoming challenges and painting during the pandemic

Nivethika Mahasivam is a software engineer at The Hyve, one of our collaborative partners.  She is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands....

22 June 2020

An interview with Aki Rintala on working with colleagues across Europe and his role on the Clinical Harmonization team

This week we have spoken to Aki Rintala, a PhD student in the Center for Contextual Psychiatry at KU Leuven...

16 June 2020

An interview with Dr Sara Siddi on the Depression study in Spain

This week, we’ve spoken to Dr Sara Siddi who manages the RADAR-CNS depression clinical study in Spain. Sara is based at Parc...

15 June 2020

Patient engagement critical to success of device selection

A new paper outlines the approach our researchers took to select wearable devices in our clinical studies....

25 May 2020

An interview with Dr Jake Andrews on clinical pathways and keeping well during Covid-19

Dr Jake Andrews is a Research Fellow working on the Clinical Pathways Work Package 9, looking at how the RADAR-CNS remote...

20 May 2020

An interview with Sarah Markham, a participant on the RADAR-CNS MDD study

19 May 2020

From Babylonian blood-letting practices to wearable tech, new film on the evolution of depression perceptions and treatment

18 May 2020

An interview with neurologist Dr Elisa Bruno

Dr Elisa Bruno is a neurologist and the lead researcher for the RADAR-CNS Epilepsy study at King’s College London.  Her role within the...

02 March 2020

RADAR-CNS presentation at Biomarkers Consortium Workshop

Last month we took part in The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) Biomarkers Consortium’s public...

14 February 2020

Professor Dame Til Wykes receives Constance Pascal-Helen Boyle Prize

The European Psychiatric Association (EPA) has announced Professor Dame Til Wykes as the winner of the EPA Constance...