RADAR-CNS at The MQ Mental Health Science meeting

Dr Faith Matcham, Post-doctoral research associate at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London, presented a poster this week at the MQ Mental Health Science meeting in London.

The poster provided information about the depression clinical study: Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse: Major Depressive Disorder (RADAR-MDD).

RADAR-MDD aims to: 1) determine the usability, feasibility and acceptability of remote measurement technologies (RMT); 2) improve and refine clinical outcome measurement using RMT to identify clinical state; and 3) determine whether RMT can provide information predictive of future depressive relapse. The study plans to recruit 600 people with a history of depression across three sites: London, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Participants will be asked to wear a FitBit and download the RADAR passive remote measurement app and questionnaire app, which will be used to collect information about their mood, activity levels, sleep, stress, speech, social interactions and cognitive function for up to 2-years. Participants will also complete outcome assessments every 3-months relating to their symptoms of depression, quality-of-life, anxiety, stressful life events and healthcare service use.

The MQ Mental Health Science meeting was held on 1-2 February 2018 and was one of  the largest scientific meetings dedicated to mental health science, bringing to together international researchers and clinicians to explore innovative methods to understand, treat, and prevent mental illness.

The theme of the event was “Towards Prevention and Early Intervention”, and provided opportunity to develop idease and build collaborative networks.

Find out more about mental health charity MQ by visiting their site.