IMIs celebrating 10 years of Medical Innovations events

In October, the RADAR-CNS team took part in two IMI events in Brussels, Belgium, to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

The IMI 10th Anniversary Symposium welcomed young scientists and researchers from IMI projects and showcased the amazing work to speed up the development of innovative medicines and transform medical research. There is a short highlights film on the IMI website on the event, available at:

Dr Faith Matcham, from King’s College London, gave one of the 28 oral presentations, on Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse in Major Depressive Disorder (RADAR-MDD): Study protocol.

Matteo Martinis, San Raffaele Hospital, presented a poster on “A new way to monitor Multiple Sclerosis” outlining the key milestones of the study, the challenges and study design.



The theme of the second event, the IMI Stakeholder Forum 2018, was ’The value of cross-sectoral health research and innovation’. The event looked at IMI through the lens of cross-sector collaboration, and discussed the added value of technology convergence to address complex health challenges, especially in those areas where there is huge public health need.

Patrick, from the RADAR-CNS patient advisory board, took part in the afternoon session, where the panel discussed ‘Technology convergence in the neurological disease space’. Patrick highlighted the importance of education for patients with regards to being diagnosed, the progress of MS, and the considerations he made before contributing to the RADAR-CNS project and how it’s vital to involve service users.

The panel also included Philippe Amouyel, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health; Luc Truyen, Global Head- Development and External Affairs Neuroscience, Johnson & Johnson; Gunnar Krueger, Scientific Partnerships Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), Head Technology and Innovation Management, Siemens Healthineers; and Rebecca Fuller, Director, Clinical Outcomes, CHDI Foundation. You can watch the panel online at:

Patrick said, “I’ve been an active member of the Patient Advisory Board since 2016 and it was great to represent the RADAR-CNS at this event and give an insight into my role in the project as a service user.”