First RADAR-CNS meeting takes place in Brescia

The RADAR-CNS award was officially announced in April, and in June 2016 the consortium held its first annual meeting in Brescia, Italy, kindly hosted by Professor Giovanni de Girolamo and colleagues from the Ordine Ospedaliero di San Giovanni di Dio-Fatabenefratelli (IRCCS-FBF).  

Project collaborators from across Europe and the US met to discuss the work that is already underway, and to debate and plan our future research and how the project can maximise benefits to patients.

While the meeting made it clear that there is much work to do if we are to realise hopes of providing better treatments for patients with depression, epilepsy and MS, in the space of less than two days, numerous new ideas for research and innovation were discussed.

The meeting provided a mixture of in-depth technical discussions about the project’s research with presentations and seminars from colleagues across the world whose work provides valuable insights for RADAR-CNS.

The project collaborators plan to meet once a year for the duration of the project, with additional meetings between different specialised elements of the project expected to take place more frequently.  Additionally, collaborators from RADAR-CNS will present the project at international conferences and meetings as the work continues.