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Technical Platforms

Chair: King's College London

This cluster provides the technical and computing knowledge required to bring the RADAR-CNS (Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse – Central Nervous System) project to clinics.  As well as producing a flexible, reusable platform that can be used across numerous conditions and scenarios, the cluster also provides the data analysis expertise required to understand the data collected and how they relate to clinical outcomes.

Devices and Platform (Work Package 7)

Building an end-to-end system to support passive and active remote measurement and feedback using mobile and web technologies. We expect emerging monitoring technologies to continue to evolve rapidly at unpredictable rates. As such, the generic architecture of the RADAR platform is intended to assist incorporation of new technologies in the short term for RADAR-CNS, but will also form a reusable, flexible architecture that can power future RADAR projects (e.g. RADAR-DIABETES, RADAR-AD).  A technology steering committee will ensure the close working between the clinical, patient engagement and technology Work Packages.

Data Analysis & Biosignatures (Work Package 8)

Enabling data collected as part of the project to be analysed.  We aim to understand the association between these data and the remission, relapse, and recurrence of the conditions being studied, and to classify and predict the disease status. Requires the creation and refinement of algorithms for data extraction and filtering; analysis of the collected data to create models of diseases and its fluctuations; and finally the generation of data to enable patient and clinician engagement tools. 

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